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Plantar Fasciopathy

Heel pain stands out as the most prevalent complaint I encounter in the clinic. While it doesn't always boil down to plantar fasciopathy—commonly referred to as plantar fasciitis, plantar heel pain, or runner's heel—it's a frequently observed condition. Dealing with this condition can be both frustrating and persistently challenging. I have had this myself and I don't wish to do so again!


Symptoms often manifest as pain during the initial steps, which may ease as you move around. However, it tends to intensify towards the end of the day and during physical activities.


Plantar fasciopathy is influenced by a myriad of intrinsic and extrinsic factors, such as age, body weight, mechanical function, occupation, sports involvement, and choice of footwear.


Let’s address the burning question of what can be done about it! As podiatrists, we thoroughly assess all contributing factors and tailor interventions to alleviate heel pain. These solutions vary for each individual. For immediate symptom relief, we might employ techniques like massage, taping, dry needling, and foot mobilisation.


To tackle the underlying factors contributing to heel pain, we prescribe a combination of specific exercises, provide guidance on footwear choices, and may recommend orthotics to alleviate stress on the affected area. Additionally, we assess your overall loading and make adjustments through loading management strategies.

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